Tutorial for using DMS Series Recorders Guided Wizard

*Before starting you will need to connect your DVR or NVR to the cameras, network, USB mouse, and to a monitor or TV.  

Now that you have connected your recorder to the necessary components, start by flipping the switch location on the back of the recorder to the "On" position:

Turn On Recorder

You should now see the startup logo on you monitor, after approximately 30 seconds you will see the first Wizard screen asking you to select your country.  The list is in alphabetical order so you will need to scroll down to get to the United States.  Also make sure that the Video Standard is set to "NTSC".  To proceed click the "Next" button on the bottom right. 

Wizard Step 1

On this screen you need to set your time zone (example UTC-08:00 is used for San Diego) and verify the the date and time is correct.  To proceed click "Next".

Wizard Step 2

On this screen you will be setting the system password, you will need to enter it twice in the provided boxes and then enter a hint that will help you remember.  It is very important that you remember your password or write it down and store it in a safe location

Wizard Step 3

On this screen you can enter a pattern so that you will be able to access the menus without needing to enter your password when operating the system. It will make using the system faster and is recommended but not required

Wizard Step 4

This next screen is very important and should not be skipped.  This is the only way to reset your password if you forget it in the future.  Be sure to enter a valid email that you will always be able to access.  Next, use the dropdown menus to select the questions you want to use and answer the questions in a way that you will remember in the future.  Skipping these steps is done at your own risk. 

Wizard Step 5

This screen is for a future option that is not currently active, click "Next" to proceed.

Wizard Step 6

This step includes option to give your recorder a specific name, set the instant playback timeframe, and set the auto logout time (max is 60 minutes).  This step is optional, to proceed click "Next".

Wizard Step 7

This screen is for time settings, the time should be accurate from the 2nd step.  You should use this step to turn on DST (Daylight Savings Time).  Click the slider button to enable then change the mode "Week".  Daylight savings starts the 2nd Sunday of March at 02:00 and end the 1st Sunday of November at 02:00.  Click "Next" to proceed.

Wizard Step 8

This is the network setup screen where you can enter either a static IP or enable DHCP.  If you are not very familiar with networks then click the slider button to enable DHCP and make sure that the DNS DHCP is enable or use generic DNS addresses such as and

If you have already connected to your router and have an internet connection then clicking the "Test" button on the bottom left should result in "Network Status: OK".  Click "Next" to proceed. 

Wizard Step 9

This step is used for adding your recorder to the remote app on your phone, if you have already added "DMSS" on your phone.  If you open the app on the phone you will see a plus symbol in the top right corner.   Click this button, then click "SN/Scan" and scan the QR code on the right of your menu screen.  

If you do not yet have the App installed on your phone, you can skip this step.  The QR code is available later in multiple locations (bottom of the DVR, front the DVR box, and in the menu in the very top right corner).  Click "Next" to proceed.

Wizard Step 10

This step allows you to adjust your camera's encode parameters. It is optional but you may want to got through the options to ensure you are getting the best performance from your cameras.  

Here are recommended changes to the options:

Main Stream

Compression: H.265 

Resolution: Highest Available Option

Bit Rate Type: VBR 

Quality: 4 or higher recommended

Sub Stream

Resolution: Highest Available Option

Bit Rate: 512Kb/s or lower

You will need to do this for each camera, cameras are selected using the dropdown menu on the top portion of the Wizard screen.  When you have finished click "Next" to proceed. 

 Wizard Step 11

The snapshot option is for when utilizing event triggers when your recorder and having a snapshot sent typically to email.  It is recommended to set the resolution to the maximum along with the video quality.  Repeat for each camera then click "Next" to proceed. 

 Wizard Step 12

This step is used to change how the recorder saves files to the hard drive, it is not recommended to change these settings.  Click "Next" to proceed.

 Wizard Step 13

By default the recorder records 24/7, this provides the best result because the system will always be recording.  If you enable a different mode, such as motion, you will need to setup the cameras to detect motion in the "Alarm -> Video Detection" after the wizard is complete.  If you are not sure, then leave it it as default to ensure your system will be recording.  Click "Next" to proceed. 

Wizard Step 14

This step is for the snapshot function and is related to advanced features of the recorder, it is recommended to leave it in default mode.  Click "Next" to proceed.

Wizard Step 15

You have finished the Wizard, click "OK" to close the wizard and start using your recorder. 

Wizard Step 16

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