The guide covers how to export recorded video on the DVR/NVR to a flashdrive using a NX or TX series recorder.

Right click the main screen to bring up the option list and select “Menu” - you will be prompted to enter your password in order to advance.  Enter the default password  “admin12345” and then click the enter button, followed by clicking OK.

After clicking OK you will see the main system Menu.  Click the Export menu option.


This will open the Export system.  On this screen you will have the choice of normal or event on the left column.  If you recorded based on motion then the event option is quicker to locate the files you want.  Only leave the cameras checked that you are interested in exporting video from.  The default is all cameras are selected.

Once you have selected your camera(s) you will need to select the date range and the time range by clicking each option with the mouse and changing it to the desired value.

Click search once you have entered all of the time/date information.

You will see video clips the match the camera number(s) and time/date range you selected.  You can click on the video and then preview them using the built-in video player on the right side.  Determine which video(s) you want and make sure that each checkbox is clicked.  Click the Export button when you are done.

***Make sure you have plugged a flashdrive with enough storage space into one of the USB ports on the DVR/NVR before clicking Export***
After clicking export you will see a scrren with a few options.   If you want to keep things organized you can make a new folder and store your files there - this is not a required step but it help to keep thing easier to find in the future. Start by clicking New Folder.

Use the on-screen keyboard to name the folder, then click the Enter button, followed by clicking OK

Make sure to double click the folder you just created before proceeding.  This will make the file go into the folder and not just the root directory of your flash drive.

Now click the Export button.  You need to export the video player separately to be able to play the file, select player then click OK.  A new windows will appear, wait until it finishes then click OK.

Now you have the required player, next you will click Export again, this time the Video and Log option.

You will see a new window appear showing the progress, when it has finished click OK to close the window.

Now you will see both the and the saved video file with a long file name indicating the camera number and date.  Click Back to exit.


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