Set Up Guide:

This guide will help you to add your recorder onto the CMS desktop client
First download the CMS client under on our website by going to this link
 After downloading the software, please install it then follow the guide below:
On the main menu click on the device manager 
CMS Main Menu 
Once the device manager opens make sure you are on the "server" tab.  You should see your recorder in the window on the bottom right of the screen. Click once on the device you want to add to highlight it, then click "add to client" using the button directly above the window.
device manager
On the screen that pops up you will need to enter your password then click "add"
device add screen
Once successful, you will see your recorder listed in the window called "Device for Management"
device added to server list
When you click "Next" you will be brought to the camera management screen as seen below:
camera management screen
On this screen you will want to double click each camera and then edit the name so that you can identify them later on. This is not required but it is highly recommended.
Camera naming window
After clicking "Next" you will get to the record schedule screen, nothing needs to be setup on this screen - click "Finish" on the bottom right of the window. 
record schedule screen
You have finished adding the device and cameras.  You can now go to the main menu then click on "Main View" and you will see a folder on this windows with your recorder's name on it.  Click to expand it and then click on which ever cameras you wish to view:
CMS main view
You have completed this tutorial and can either continue to try out the CMS or close the program at this point. 
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