The guide covers how to playback recorded video on the DVR/NVR to a flashdrive using a NX or TX series recorder.

Right click the main screen to bring up the option list and select “Menu” - you will be prompted to enter your password in order to advance.  Enter the default password  “admin12345” and then click the enter button, followed by clicking OK.

After clicking OK you will see the main system Menu.  Click the Playback menu option.


This will open the Playback system.  From this screen you will need to select the camera(s) that you want to view by clicking the checkbox next to the camera name on the list on the right hand side of the screen.


Once you have selected your camera(s) you will see the calendar change colors on the days that have recorded video.  Click the day that you are interested in to proceed.


You can click and drag the yellow slider to the specific time of the day you want to watch.


The video will start playing at 1x speed, you can make the video stop, pause, jump back 30 sec, jump forward 30 sec, rewind, fast forward, skip 1 day back, or skip 1 day forward by using the controls at the bottom center portion of the screen.  You can also e-zoom using the button that looks like a magnifying glass - if you use this function you will not be able to see the other controls while it is enabled, the video will continue to play at whatever speed it was currently being displayed at before you zoomed-in.  To exit the e-zoom mode simply right click the mouse on the screen.


You can click the X in the top right hand corner whenever you are done using the playback system.
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