Setting up remote access through the DMSS App. 

This guide is meant to show you the steps necessary to connect remotely to your DMS series recorder (BX, CX, and DX models).  

I will make the assumption that you have not connected your NVR to the network during the wizard in this guide.

Starting from the Live View screen, right click the mouse to bring up the Quick Menu and then select Main Menu:

Remote Access Step 1

Then on the Main Menu you are going to select Network:

Remote Access Step 2

Once the Network menu is open you will need to hit the Pencil (edit) icon at the end of the current IP address:

Remote Access Step 3

When you hit the Pencil icon you will see a new screen, on this screen you are going to turn on DHCP and then hit OK at the bottom to save:

Remote Access Step 4

Remote Access Step 5

Now you will be back of the previous screen and here we need to make sure that you have the primary and secondary DNS fields filled.  You can either select DHCP on this part or use the generic addresses shown in the picture below.  Hit the Test button to make sure you don't have an errors and the hit apply if the test was successful.  

Remote Access Step 6

Now your recorder has been added correctly to your local area network and should have access to the internet. 

Next you will need to install the app called DMSS onto your smartphone. 

DMS Step 1 DMS Step 2 DMS Step 3 

Once you have found the DMSS app in the store click on the Install button, once it has finished it will change to say Open.  Click on Open and you will see the DMSS load.  It may ask for some permissions in order function correctly, please allow the permissions to continue. 

 DMS Step 5 DMS Step 6 DMS Step 7

 DMS Step 8 DMS Step 9 DMS Step 10

After completing the permission and the region on the initial startup then you will move to the main screen (in the future when you open this app it will go here directly).  Now we move into adding your device.  Click the (+) icon on the top right hand side of the screen and select SN/Scan:

DMS Step 11 DMS Step 12 

If it asks for permission to scan QR code then you will need to approve this as well. 

DMS Step 13 DMS Step 14 

Now you will see a QR scanner appear on the phone, you will need to point your phone at this screen on the NVR:

Remote Access Step 7

On your phone you will need to hold the camera over the QR code until it scans:

DMS Step 15

Once it scans you will see a screen with the device's serial number, click next.  You will now be prompted to add you device type (DX recorders are NVRs and BX/CX recorders are XVRs), select the appropriate device type then click next.  On the final screen you will need to add a name to identify the recorder (this can be whatever you want) and enter the admin password you selected during the device setup.  

DMS Step 16 DMS Step 17 DMS Step 18

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