This guide is used for setting up Tripwire and Intrusion detection on DMS series recorders

Step 1.  Go to the Main Menu and click the AI icon

IVS Step 1

Step 2.  Click Parameters on the left side bar, followed by Smart Plan

IVS Step 2

Step 3. Use the "Channel" drop down list to select the camera you want to add the rule for

IVS Step 3

Step 4. Click to IVS Icon (Lightbulb Icon) to enable.  The Icon will highlight when selected.  Hit Apply to save this change. 

IVS Step 4

Step 5.  Now go to Parameters ->  IVS on the left side bar. 

IVS Step 5

Step 6. Use the "Channel" drop down and select the same camera that you selected in step 3.  Then click the "Add" icon on the lower right corner to add an IVS rule.

IVS Step 6

Step 7.  Now you will see the IVS rule appear on the screen

IVS Step 7

Step 8. Now you need to edit your IVS rule (tripwire in this example) by clicking the Pencil icon. 

IVS Step 8

Step 9.  You will now see the camera image with a sub menu on the top left.  In this screen you need to create your tripwire on the camera image by drawing a line with the mouse.  Right clicking the mouse will end the line. 

IVS Step 9

Once you have drawn the line, you can name the rule in the "Name" field and decide if you want the tripwire to trigger both directions or only one direction using the "Direction" drop down. 

IVS Step 10

IVS Step 11

You can use the Target Filter Target Filter to set the minimum and maximum object size.

You can also delete the current rule using the trash icon Trash Icon

Hit "OK" to save and leave this screen.

Step 10.  Now you should be back on the Parameters screen.  Under the IVS rules, click the Settings Icon icon to setup the Trigger setting when using the IVS rule. 

IVS Step 12

Step 11. This will open the Trigger sub menu.  Within this menu you can setup the schedule (i.e. when you want this rule to be active over a 24/7 period) and what action you want the NVR to take when the rule is triggered.  Hit OK after you have selected what functions you want. 

IVS Step Trigger

Step 12. You will now be back on the Parameters -> IVS screen, hit "Apply" in the bottom right corner to save and activate this IVS rule. 

IVS Final Step

You have now setup your tripwire, repeat these steps for any other camera that you want to have this function. 

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